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For over 25 years, Rich Plumbing has been serving the residents in the Champaign-Urbana community with all of their plumbing, HVAC, and home repair needs. As one of the most trusted Champaign, IL plumbers, Troy Rich understands the importance of maintaining a high quality of work with each job – providing excellent service that is reflected on his profile across many different review sites; including, Angie’s List, Google, and more! If you are having problems and need plumbing repair services in the Champaign, IL area, call today and get a free estimate!  


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Plumbing Services in Champaign, IL


In Champaign-Urbana and the greater Champaign County area, we have to remain flexible as the needs of our customers change frequently and often with little warning. We want to make sure that no matter the emergency you’re facing, we have the tools to get it fixed quickly! Some of the more common plumbing services we take care of in Champaign-Urbana are water heater repair, faucet repair, toilet repair & drain cleaning service.


Is what you need not outlined in the list below? Be sure to give us a call as we can handle a variety of other problems!


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Water Heater Repair Service

Often, your water heater will go out at the worst possible time. Don’t be left showering at the neighbors! Our 24/7 emergency repair service can have your water heater back up and running in no time. If a replacement is needed, we will work with you to have it installed as quickly as possible, leaving your family with less inconvenience and a smoother transition.


Our water heater repair service technicians in Champaign, IL specialize in working on and fixing a variety of water heater types. These can include conventional water heaters, tankless water heaters, hybrid heat pump water heaters, and solar water heaters. With each of these types comes unique complexities that need to be fixed only by a trained & experienced professional. With our team, you can be assured that only the latest methods and techniques for water heater repair have been used in your home.


Faucet Repair Service

An improperly functioning faucet can be detrimental to your home. If it is leaking, your water & energy bills could potentially skyrocket if not fixed soon. If the problem is so bad that you are unable to use the faucet at all, you could find yourself having trouble washing dishes, washing your hands, and ultimately using your kitchen less while the problem goes unresolved. Your kitchen is usually one of the most trafficked rooms in any home, don’t let it become useless!


With our 24/7 faucet repair technicians in Champaign, IL, you can be confident that your faucet & pipe system will be taken care of and fixed by some of the highest-quality repair professionals. We take great care to quickly fix any problems with your faucet to ensure your family can go on function in your kitchen as normal.


 Toilet Repair Service

It doesn’t take a great imagination to understand the importance of quickly fixing your toilet when broken. This will create a burden on your family having to all use a single bathroom or could even put you out of your house if it is the only working toilet in your home. Our 24/7 toilet repair technicians in Champaign, IL know what it takes to fix your toilet quickly and get your family’s schedules back on track. Don’t be inconvenienced by a faulty toilet, let Rich Plumbing in Champaign, IL be your guide in fixing any of your home’s plumbing issues!


Drain Clog & Cleaning Services

With Rich Plumbing’s drain cleaning services in Champaign, IL, you know that you will receive personalized service and attention, not like some of the national brands out there. Whether it be a clogged drain or just a drain that needs cleaning, Rich Plumbing will be there for you when you need us at a fair price. We take great pride in these services as they are some of the most important and time-sensitive fixes for our customers.


Some of the most common drains we have to unclog or clean are found in the bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and outdoors of our customer’s homes. Regardless of the room, we can unclog & clean the drains that need a professional’s attention. Over-the-counter drain chemicals will only get you so far; sometimes, a professional’s equipment & expertise are what’s needed for your home’s drains to function like new all over again!


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Rich Plumbing: Expert Plumbing Services in Champaign, IL


Rich Plumbing: Expert Plumbing Services in Champaign, IL