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Quality Faucet Repair

A dripping faucet can be one of the most annoying things. In addition to preventing you from getting a good night's rest, a leaky faucet can also lead to water stains, small floods in the bathroom or kitchen, and great inconvenience. Therefore, faucet repair is important not only because of the irritating effects of a dripping faucet but also because water is wasted due to the defective faucet. The EPA reports that defective faucets (leaking at one drop per second) waste about 250 gallons a month or 3,000 gallons a year. It is obvious that while a drip may seem insignificant, a notable amount of water is wasted when accumulated over a longer period.



Therefore, faucet repair is urgently needed for leaking taps. Whereas some homeowners may have the ability to handle the problem on their own, some people just do not want to mess with their plumbing. In addition, some cases are beyond the capabilities of a DIYer, such as when the cause of the leak is unknown. In many cases, professionals such as Rich Plumbing and HVAC are called for faucet repair. We have expert plumbers who have relieved homeowners from the stress of dealing with a leaky faucet through quality faucet repair. If you have a defective faucet and want to be sure about repairing it, then Rich Plumbing and HVAC is the professional to trust.



Causes of a Dripping Faucet


There are many causes of a faulty faucet, and knowing the specific cause of your case can eliminate guesswork, fix the problem quickly, and save you a significant amount of money. Rich Plumbing and HVAC outline some of the causes of a dripping faucet, which we can accurately detect when you allow us to perform faucet repair on your premises.


The primary cause of leaky faucets is damaged parts. A steady drip often indicates the need to replace a washer inside the tap itself. The seals inside compression faucets are particularly likely to be damaged, as they are under a lot of pressure to keep water from flowing. Other types of faucets, such as the cartridge type and drip and ball faucets, may have leaks, but they are washer-less. Therefore, the moving parts, such as the O-rings, or the damage to the inlet or outlet seals should be considered. For cartridge faucets, the cartridge itself may require replacement. A matching cartridge should fit the gap left by the original faucet easily. To ensure that the cartridge is the right size, it must be measured carefully before and after removal.


Another cause of a leaky faucet is water pressure. You may find that drips only occur at certain times of the day or during certain behaviors such as when nobody else is using the taps or the shower. If this is the case, then the water pressure may be too high. Water pressure may prevent water from flowing away from a certain point, which means that the water backs up and then leaks out to another place, often to an available faucet or the toilet overflow tank. This problem may worsen over time, and a professional should be called in to fix it.


Furthermore, an uncommon cause of a dripping faucet is a broken pipe or fitting. These components can develop cracks, which often cause water to leak out into the area below the sink. However, if the crack causes problems with the water pressure, then you may find that the faucet connected to the break will drip from time to time. A professional plumber is needed to examine your water pipes if you suspect that this is the problem.


Consequences of a Leaky Faucet


Most homeowners with leaky faucets do not pay much attention to them. Instead, they procrastinate on leaking fixed, and they do not bother to take care of it until it does significant damage. If you think that the damage from your leaky faucet is minimal, then you may be wrong. Leaky faucets must be addressed because they may result in the following.


Increased Water Bills


Although a leaky faucet may seem like it’s not wasting much water, the reality is that it can cost you a significant amount of money in terms of water bills. Studies show that fixing one faucet can save almost 10% of an average homeowner’s annual water bill.


Environmental Effects


According to the EPA, an average household’s leaks can account for a significant amount of wasted water each year, and this amount is enough to do 270 loads of laundry.


Home Damage


An unchecked faucet leak can put added stress on your plumbing and can cause drain clogs and overflows. It can also lead to deteriorated caulk and grout, which can result in water leaking through and damaging floorboards and ceilings throughout your home. In some cases, leak damage can become so problematic that it can cause a water stain in your sink as a result of minerals pooling in the sink bowl. This type of stain is quite difficult to clean and may require the purchase of a new sink. 


Why Hire a Professional for Faucet Repair?


Handling a faulty faucet that is outside your skill level or knowledge can result in costly mistakes that may cause more harm than good. Hiring a professional such as Rich Plumbing and HVAC can help minimize errors and maximize results. A plumbing expert will also be able to identify additional problems such as molds or polybutylene piping. In addition, a plumber can also help you keep your plumbing project on schedule and budget. Therefore, hiring a professional for faucet repair is the best way to go.


Your Faucet Repair Experts


Rich Plumbing and HVAC is your faucet repair expert. Our professionals are immersed in faucet repair experience, such that if you’re not sure what is causing the leak, then a plumbing professional can visit you to take a look at the problem and determine its source quickly. Moreover, our plumbers have access to all of the different moving parts that your faucet may need to be repaired – including the handle, nut, stem, washer, and possibly decorative caps. Sometimes, leaks go deeper than the faucet itself, and if that is the case, then our plumbers can fix it too.


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