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Bloomington, IL Plumbing & Heating Services


For over 25 years, Troy Rich & Rich Plumbing has served Bloomington-Normal with quality plumbing & heating services. If your home’s plumbing or heating systems are causing your family frustration due to lack of efficiency or needing repair, we can help. Our team of nearly 30 plumbing & heating technicians is always ready to quickly repair and improve what is needed in your home’s plumbing or heating system. We offer 24-hour emergency service to ensure your family doesn’t go along with the inconvenience & frustration of having a malfunctioning system.



Bloomington, IL Plumbing & Heating Services


Heating Services


Your family cannot go without efficient heating this winter. It is dangerous, uncomfortable, and bad for other systems in your home if not properly heated. Allow our team of repair technicians to come and work on your heating system before disaster strikes. Your family can and should be comfortable during the frigid Central Illinois winters.  




Leveraging the power of heat pumps, we can set up Bloomington heating systems that pull from the ground or outside air temperature that heat & cool your home. As the temperatures dip this winter, have your heating systems checked by Rich Plumbing in Bloomington to make sure your family will be warm & comfortable!


Hot Water Heater


Few things are more frustrating than having the hot water run out when you’re in the middle of taking a shower! Older homes tend to have less efficient water heaters, leading to longer times spent heating water and less hot water run time when doing the dishes, washing clothes, or taking a shower. Often, homeowners will come to us needing to increase their water heater’s efficiency. We can help repair your current water heater and also install a new one if that is what’s needed for your home. We will work with you to find the best solution within your budget in every situation!


Air Conditioning Services


Primarily installing Trane air conditioning systems, Rich Heating & Plumbing can provide your family with the best air conditioning system on the market! Central Illinois can bring extremely hot summers to Bloomington-Normal, don’t let your family be too hot while indoors this summer! We will work with you to repair your current air conditioner system or install a new one this summer.


Air Conditioning


Quality Bloomington air conditioning is extremely important and necessary for your family to enjoy your summer together! Don’t be left sweating while indoors during Central Illinois’ summer humidity, have Rich Heating & Cooling repair & install your heating system before it’s too late. We install Trane comfort systems and have a team of air conditioning repair technicians located in our Bloomington office standing by to help your system!


Energy-Saving Air Conditioning


What good is a properly running air conditioning system if it doesn’t save you money in the long run? Sure, you will have cool air in your home, but you will certainly pay a premium for it. Why not have the best of both worlds? Rich Heating & Cooling can come and install a high-quality energy-saving air conditioning system in your home and make sure you will save money for many years to come!


Not in Bloomington? View our services in the Champaign-Urbana, Decatur, & Peoria areas!  


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