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Decatur, IL Plumbing & Heating Services


Located conveniently close to Decatur, IL, Rich Plumbing & Heating can quickly come and repair any sized plumbing or heating project! With our help, your home’s systems will be back on track, allowing your family to continue your daily routines without the inconvenience of improperly working systems.



Our goal with each project is to make you the hero in your family. By choosing the experienced professionals at Rich Plumbing & Heating, you have made the right choice. Your family will thank you for finding the right team to quickly fix the problem & your budget will thank you because you were able to find a quote for the job at competitive prices. Don’t go with some of the other Decatur plumbing & heating specialists that will charge you more and give you less personalized service, go with the professionals that will know your name and treat your home as if it were their own. Go with Rich Plumbing & Heating in Decatur, IL.


Heating Services in Decatur, IL

Our heating services, HVAC, and furnace repair to Decatur, IL residents are second to none. We can quickly diagnose and fix almost any problem, often before the other heating specialists in town would even get to your home! We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best quality service at the most competitive prices in the Decatur market.


Heating Decatur, IL

Whether your heating system isn’t properly working or your energy bills have crept up slowly over time, we can help find the right solution for you and your home. Each home comes with unique layouts, heating systems, and budgets to work with and therefore requires a customized solution. With Rich Heating & Cooling, you will always get a Decatur heating technician who considers the unique needs of your home before performing any work. This will help you not only save money with each project but will also ensure that the solution is exactly what your home needs!


Types of Heating Systems

There are many different kinds of heating systems found in the Decatur area. With the Midwest’s wide range in winter temperatures, often finding wind chills below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a great need for efficient & reliable heating systems. Air furnaces, hot water boilers, electric heat pumps, and gas/propane/oil furnaces are found throughout Decatur. With our years of experience, we have worked on almost any heating system out there, and will know how to fix your system!  


Furnace Replacement Decatur, IL

There are many considerations to make before replacing your furnace in Decatur, IL. We will come alongside you & your family to help make this decision and make sure it’s right for you. We would rather see a family save money by repairing their furnace rather than advising them to unnecessarily replace it when it simply isn’t needed. Having these upstanding business practices for years has not only helped Rich Heating & Cooling grow in Decatur but also helped our customers have the homes they truly dreamed of! 


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