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Peoria, IL Plumbing & Heating Services


In the Peoria area, nobody comes close to offering the personalized service found at Rich Plumbing & Heating. We consistently deal with homeowners, business owners, builders, & property maintenance companies and are able to provide personalized & customized service for each. With 24/7 service maintenance options & emergency response, we are able to quickly get to your jobsite & ensure everything is handled appropriately and fixed to match the latest methods & standards.



We want you to be the hero of your home or business! Hire the right plumbing & heating contractor in the Peoria area and your family, customers, and employees will thank you for fixing the problem quickly & under budget. Other heating & plumbing specialists can take a long time just to come out to your location for an initial meeting, wasting valuable time and adding a burden to you. Their prices are higher because they often lack the experience to do a job efficiently and correct the first time, causing them to have many call backs to repair poor quality work.



Don’t get stuck dealing with another contractor, trust Rich Plumbing & Heating in Peoria today!



Plumbing Services in Peoria, IL


When looking to hire a local plumber in the Peoria area, there are a few things that anyone should consider: price, time, and quality of work. Feel free to speak with a few different plumbers and companies that provide the service you’re home or business is looking for.


Be sure to ask them questions around their pricing to ensure it fits within your budget and there aren’t any hidden fees down the road. Often, we will see Peoria plumbing contractors quote a low price up front, then add additional fees in later when they didn’t appropriately estimate the time or materials needing to complete the project.


Ask for an estimate around how long the plumbing specialist expects the project to take. How long will they be present in your home or business? What hours will they work each day? What rooms or areas do they need access to? What is the lead time on getting appropriate materials or the right people to do the job? These are all appropriate questions that any contractor should be able to at least provide a reasonably accurate estimate before starting the job.


Always check the potential plumbing company’s previous work for quality. Look for prior customer testimonials, not just on their website, across the web. Do their customers seem to really value their services & quality? Are there unresolved problems that customers are complaining about online? Have they dealt with a problem or project like yours before? Answers to these questions will help you narrow down the quality of their previous work and if they would be a good fit to handle your project.



In the Peoria area, we don’t skimp on the details. We want to treat your home or business as if it were our own. We take great care in not disturbing your normal daily workflows & rhythms to ensure our presence isn’t a nuisance. In some cases, business owners said we were so quiet while performing our work that they forgot we were there! This is the kind of personalized attention we bring to each plumbing project or repair.


Green Plumbing Techniques in Peoria, IL


Whether it be re-using materials when possible, or helping install a rainwater collection system for a home or business, Rich Plumbing is committed to provide green plumbing techniques across the Peoria & Tazewell County area.  Our master plumbers provide customized and unique solutions for even the most difficult of situations.


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